Announcing nix-emacs v0.0.1

My friend Diego Berrocal and I would like to announce the release of nix-emacs v0.0.1.

nix-emacs adds support for searching and completing options in Nix OS configuration files. Nix OS is configured using the Nix expression language. This includes configuration from your hostname to options for various services you may enable. The online documentation lists the abundant options available. There is also a handy interface for searching the options.

But, we found it less than ideal to have to constantly switch back and forth between the browser and our editor while editing our configurations.

Included is support for:

  • A helm source for searching the options and viewing documentation


  • A company backend for completion of option names in nix-mode files.


Check out the README for instructions on how to use nix-emacs.

We’ve submitted pull requests to get this included in MELPA so you can easily install it. Also, we’ve submitted a pull request to Spacemacs, the Emacs configuration we both use, to add a Nix layer, with everything configured out of the box.

This is just an initial release. Hopefully more refinements to come. Feel free to follow along on Github. Submit any issues you may have or submit pull requests.

We also have a Gitter channel, if you want to chat with us. We hope to make it a place to discuss all things Emacs, Spacemacs, and Nix, so please join us.

Updated on 2015-07-21 to add Gitter link.

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