Looking for remote, part-time contract work

After an extended break in my career due to chronic illness, I am looking to return to part-time work. Because of my location and inability to drive, this will have to be a remote position.

I am available starting tentatively the second week of September. My goal is to work 15-20 hours a week.

I am experienced in both software development and system administration. Professionally, I’ve primarily done work in Python and Java, and in packaging for and managing Debian and Ubuntu machines. Lately, my interests have led me to use NixOS and to pursue learning Haskell and other functional programming languages. Ideally, I’d love to work with the two of those.

I’ve been busy recently dipping my toes in various technologies and helping with open source projects, including Nix OS, Spacemacs, and the Lowbrow browser. I’ve been doing remote pairing with friends. I’ve been helping out on IRC and bug trackers for the projects that I use.

My primary skill is learning new technologies and learning the best ways to leverage tools.

Please reach out to me if you think I could help you out. Check out my resume for further details on my experience and skills.

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