Travis B. Hartwell

It’s hard not to draw life lessons and metaphors from Keanu Reeves movies. It is ironic, that in an irreverent way, the one that fits in my mind right now is this, from “The Replacements”:

“Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory… lasts forever.”

Have I mentioned how I got this awesome 12-inch scar (among others)?

I believe the spirit and the body together are the soul of man and it is my life’s purpose to unite mind, body, and spirit and bring them all in harmony.

Music is the language my soul understands. Creation in words and code, the language of my mind. And my heart speaks and listens to beauty and truth where ever they may be found, for that is the center of love.

I am currently looking for remote, part-time contract positions. Please look at my resume and get in touch!