A Poem: Reflected Back

I may be going blind
and the darkness encroaching from all sides.
But at least with clarity
now I see all directly in front of me
No longer the periphery is important
this I must finally accept
When looking straight forward
I see me, reflected right back.
In this mirror, I see the hurt and the pain and the exhaustion
all reflected so clearly in what is before me.
But also sometimes the clouds move
and the sun shines, revealing what is inside.
That glory, those heaven-sent photons
hit my heart with a whisper
I open my heart to finally hear
and I am lifted to that higher place
Elevated, I see that which is reflected back,
that right in front of me.
Different from before is what my dim eyes see
higher, noble, good, beautiful.
Suddenly, as if I’ve found just one last breath,
the exhaustion sets in.
My vision falls
but I hold it in my heart, a little spark.
Even when it feels I cannot rise to those lofty heights of grandeur
no longer one day I will see
So clearly, the light I see right in front of me
won’t be reflected back to me, but reality.

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