Driving, in my car

2009 Honda Civic

It was another one of those moments this morning. You know it, right? In my new car. Leaning back, hand on the steering wheel. Cruising down the freeway. My favorite music is blasting, piped from my Android phone to the stereo system.

For a moment, it’s just me, the steering wheel, the road, and the music. I’m not aware of anything else. I wish I had better words to adequately express this state of flow and being.

But it doesn’t last forever. I become aware of the pains, aches, and fevers in my body. Sadness creeps back in, as I remember one of the last times I prominently had this profound experience, driving home from my ex-wife’s in the evening while we were dating. The tears come as I think of those moments and subsequent moments with fondness, regret, and grief.

But, for a moment, it was just me, the loud music, the steering wheel, and the road. I wasn’t “little Travis”. I wasn’t sick. I wasn’t divorced. I wasn’t “less than”.

I treasure those moments.

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