Just a small act of kindness

I went to lunch today at an Indian restaurant with my coworkers. When we went to pay, I ran into a very common problem for me.

I’m only 4’6″ (roughly 137 cm for my non-Imperial friends) tall.

The counter at the cash register was pretty much as tall as me. I could barely see over it. I certainly couldn’t reach to use it to sign my reciept when I paid. Like I said, a common problem for me. But wasn’t common was just a small thing — and I don’t even think I can fully describe how significant it was or what made it significant to me — that the owner of the restaurant did.

When I took my turn to step up to the counter to pay, she immediately apologized to me that I couldn’t reach or see things. After I handed her my card, she got one of those little folders for credit card receipts, stepped to the side of the counter, and handed it to me with my card and my receipt and a pen so I could sign the receipt. My coworkers had just signed their receipts on the top of the counter. But she made this kind little gesture to make it so I could sign things.

I don’t why it had such significance for me. She didn’t make a big deal out of things. But at the same time, she took a moment to help me out and did it in a kind manner. It’s these little things that make me comfortable and not fret about being different.

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