While many people say multitasking makes them more productive, research shows otherwise. Heavy multitaskers actually have more trouble focusing and shutting out irrelevant information, scientists say, and they experience more stress.

And scientists are discovering that even after the multitasking ends, fractured thinking and lack of focus persist. In other words, this is also your brain off computers.

“The technology is rewiring our brains,” said Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse and one of the world’s leading brain scientists. She and other researchers compare the lure of digital stimulation less to that of drugs and alcohol than to food and sex, which are essential but counterproductive in excess.

via nytimes.com

Though not directly a spiritual thing, I’m sharing this because I am starting to believe my interactions with technology (particularly over the last decade) have fundamentally rewired my brain and not necessarily in a good way.

In this moment of deep introspection and self-examination, I realize to become who I truly desire, I need to fundamentally alter how I use and interact with technology. Yes, I love technology. It is a fundamental part of my life and that will not change. But I think the place it plays in my life should change.


I received the following quote in an email today, gives me hope for my road ahead: Road to Recovery “Each one who resolves to climb tha...… Continue reading

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